Charity “hide-and-seek” in Motegi

(This book project is not related to the WTCC or EEL in any official way, however the editors have their permission to work on it.)

After 2 months of summer break the WTCC is back! This weekend the world championship continues in Japan, Motegi. However the weather is a bit typhoony, hopefully the organizers can follow the program (all time is local, CET -7).

 Beside the wonderful news that we can see WTCC races again, there are other things to watch as well: with the great help of the drivers and some official persons there will be “hidden” (or better to say: exhibited publicly) something, related to the charity project of the book in title: 10 years of WTCC. As the book is written in a full charity project, everybody was very helpful in it.

Well, watch the TV broadcasts, the photos, the news and everything else from Motegi with open eyes! If you think you have found everything related to this charity project, write a PM to the FB site of the book, telling them what have you seen and exactly where.

The lucky one who has sent a correct answer will win an e-book edition of the book. But much better: we can know the charity foundations what are supported by the drivers and the editors!

Let’s play then!

The editors of the book and the organizers of the charity part say their special thanks to Alexandra Legouix and all the drivers who help in this charity project in any way. “Five minutes for you, but maybe a whole different life for a child.”