The Winter Series

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Somebody told me that during the winter it would be difficult to ask questions, even more difficult to get answers! How would I imagine an interview series?! Well, I won’t tell you it was easy. But I’m telling you that it was easy with them. There was the Swede, who was testing all the time, the Frenchman who fought his fights on ice tracks, the Briton, who moved to the desert, the Hungarian who was up to rallying, the team manager who did and did not manage to do so many things, and the Belgian, who travelled and raced around the world.

This is an interview series about TCR drivers’ and team managers’ winter, between the 2018 and 2019 seasons. If you are interested, take your backpack and come to see them! Don’t forget your winter coat, because we go to the French mountains to follow the Andros Trophy. Bring your flip-flops to the Dubai beach, your umbrella for the rain at Daytona, and there will be a rally-party at the end of the year in Hungary. Seat belts on! It was a busy winter!
Our protagonists are Thed Björk, Aurélien Comte, Rob Huff, Norbert Nagy, Eric Néve and Fred Vervisch. (wild cards: Dusan Borkovic and Dániel Nagy)

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